About the intricacies of the Digibyte cryptocurrency

Today, talking about cryptocurrency will not surprise anyone. Internet money has already become the reality of our world, and there is no point in denying its benefits. They provide a large number of advantages, which are increasingly resorted to by ordinary users. It all started with Bitcoin and now continues with a large string of followers, among which there are very good options. That is Digibyte. This is a very professional as well as decentralized virtual currency. The developers set themselves the ambitious task of eliminating the weaknesses of two giants – Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Why will there be demand for Digibyte?

Experts believe that soon cue-ball and light coins can step on the throat of their own song: their volatility and capitalization are growing, which contributes to an increase in prices and, accordingly, an increase in the risk of commodity speculation. This will open the way for young and promising currencies, offering customers discounts and profitable projects.

DGB reduces volatility, as the total number of virtual coins will be equal to 21 billion. In this case, the developers will directly link the cryptocurrency to the euro, yuan or the US dollar. It is believed that this step will allow customers to use it as a transaction currency and not at all as a tool for speculation.

Innovative mining

At the very beginning of its journey, bitcoin demanded the use of modern computer equipment for mining. However, with the advent of powerful ASIC miners, the traditional cryptocurrency mining process is a thing of the past. Therefore, the Digibyte development team offers the use of Scrypt.

This is a reliable algorithm that allows you to quickly get the required number of virtual coins. It enjoys considerable popularity among specialists, therefore, at Digibyte they decided not to reinvent the wheel, but to use ASIC miners to the maximum. They will not complicate the process of extracting virtual money but will be a cost-effective analog of previous schemes.


From the foregoing, it was clear that Digibyte decided to surpass the very best in the industry. Experts are inspired by the examples of Facebook and Chrome, which outperformed their well-known competitors and occupied their niche in the chosen field. A coin based on scrypt technology should take the place of bitcoin.

At the same time, the developers do not detract from the merits of the elder brother: they indicate that he paved the path and gave rise to a revolutionary new technology for data transfer. However, he is not destined to always take a leadership position. After all, this cryptocurrency already today faces a number of problems: slow operation, a small number of coins, forced centralization of capacities, as well as a very complex mining process.

Why use Digibyte?

  • High speed. DGB is a very fast cryptocurrency. The principle of its action is much better than that of analogs from Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • Currency for transactions. Experts suggest that an increase in the number of electronic coins can help strengthen the currency. So, instead of tens of millions, developers offer an impressive amount of 21 billion coins. They should become the currency for trading specific goods and services, and not for dark speculation. And if the cue ball will cost, for example, a thousand dollars, up to DGB is only 10. This is very convenient in order to purchase services and goods.
  • Experience. Digibyte is not a hasty project; it has been under development for quite some time. At the same time, the creators rely on the specific opinion of the participants in the system in order to promptly make improvements. For this, users will receive bonuses and all kinds of privileges.
  • Transparent launch. The launch of the DGB was widely announced in three days. Innovative equipment began to work immediately, and not out of the shadows, as was the case with the first projects.
  • Transparency. Clients who applied for the services of this system received information about its launch ahead of time. This contributed to clean mining without any speculation.

What else do you need to know about Digibyte?

The currency was launched in 2014. However, she immediately began to attract the attention of potential customers. There were jumps when its price increased by 50%. Today, cryptocurrency takes 54th place, and its capitalization is more than $ 10 million. This gives developers hope for speedy development, as well as the possibility of realizing all the planned potential.

Where can I get Digibyte?

There are two ways to get treasured virtual coins: either get them or buy them.

  1. The first method is carried out using innovative ASIC equipment, the advantages of which were described above. It was estimated that it takes about 60 seconds to create one block of information, which is very fast. However, this method of acquisition requires some financial investments – the equipment can be expensive.
  2. The second is related to the acquisition of coins on cryptocurrency exchanges. If you are a beginner, then you should simply exchange your funds through the exchanger, and if you are a pro, then you can bargain with the help of exchange tools and secure a profit.

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