Acquisition of cryptocurrency – the attention of the authorities of different countries

According to U.S. news agencies, Western Union has granted USTPO, the patent information and trademark office, permission to acquire Bitcoin. This company wants to access transactions using online currencies. She plans to develop a multisystem that could handle both fiat and electronic money. USTPO’s interest has grown in blockchain systems after the price of bitcoin has risen.

Blockchain and the USA

Finally, the idea was also expressed in the highest departments of the United States of America to quickly introduce blockchain technology in various spheres of public life. The administration of the current President Trump, various executive departments, as well as congressional commissions have recognized that cryptocurrencies have a lot of potentials.

Mark Calabria, a leading finance expert with the US Government, pointed out that the government sincerely shows interest in studying and developing blockchain technology and using the system not only in the field of economics but also in military defense.

Prospective Investments with Bitcoin

The data show that over the past five-year period, the income of the blockchain system has exceeded by 800% the statistics of well-known IT giants. Thus, the growth of cue ball cams was 212%, Facebook – 27%, Google – 23%.

What is the reason for the growth? The attraction for investment. Many investors believe that cryptocurrency is an excellent area for long-term investments. This opinion has the following motive:

  • Chinese investors provide demand;
  • confidence in bitcoin is constantly growing;
  • world instability, wars, conflicts;
  • the established limit for the release of BTC.

Bitcoin – only in growth!

Bitcoin showed excellent statistics this February 2017 – it’s value kept above $ 1,000 for several weeks. At the same time, the price of bitcoin was at this level for a couple of days. It was back in 2013 – then cryptocurrency broke volatility records.

This picture is nice to watch. Especially after in June the exchange rate reached $ 2,326 per virtual coin. This is very good news for lovers of network projects!

Gref for Bitcoin

Sberbank in the person of its head, German Gref, believes that there is every reason for good forecasts for the development of blockchain technologies. The expert believes that the use of decentralized technologies in the banking sector will become almost universal in 2.5 years. At the same time, Sberbank is considering the real possibilities of using blockchain technology for its own purposes. It should be noted that this is not Gref’s only positive statement regarding Bitcoin: for the first time, he made a similar statement in December of distant 2013.

European Parliament for blockchain

Andrus Ansip, the vice president of the European Commission, made a responsible statement: the body will continue to support the blockchain. A special team was created for this, which will study the features and advantages of using this technology.

It is noted that there are already several specific projects based on decentralized systems: D-Cent, MHMD. Today, all the nuances regarding their legal regulation are being finalized.

Poland approved cryptocurrencies

More recently, the Polish government recognized the trading and mining of Internet money legal. According to information agencies, from 01.12.2016, cryptocurrency emissions, as well as transactions, receive official classification from the Polish statistical services.

However, the development of virtual coins was not so smooth: in 2013, the Minister of Economy announced that he did not consider BTC a legal currency. Two years later, another statement was issued that was fundamentally the opposite: the country demanded recognition of transactions with Internet money at the EU level.

The thing is that Poland wants to tax cryptocurrency profits. Such statements from time to time lead to an outflow of customers and owners of electronic wallets. However, after a few weeks, everything falls into place.

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