Belacoin is a unique example of a beginner among cryptocurrencies

Virtual money is increasingly becoming part of our lives. Many states refuse strict regulatory measures and agree on the need for the transition of financial institutions to the use of modern decentralized systems. In this review, we will talk about the Belacoin cryptocurrency – a unique digital currency, the beginning of which was laid in 2014. It has one feature that distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies: Bela uses a special network protocol, and the Proof-of-Work script is used as evidence. The advantage of online money is that the development team constantly corrects bugs, introduces new scripts, and in 2016 they even restarted the system for better functioning of the systems.

Benefits of Belacoin

Each advanced decentralized system has special features and positive aspects. Belacoin also has something to brag about.

  • Minimum involvement of intermediaries. Belacoin eliminates the need to keep in touch with banks, as well as other intermediaries. The only thing you need is an exchange on which you will transfer the currency from virtual to real and on the other hand.
  • Minimum overhead. Belacoin does its best to support user interest. So, some transfers are carried out without commission.
  • Decentralization. Belacoin does not have a single emission center. This means that cryptocurrency is least affected by the negative effects of fluctuations.
  • Innovative protection. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency system is written in open source code, there are a number of scripts due to which attackers will not be able to take over your account and withdraw funds from the keeper.
  • Investments. This currency system is considered as an excellent investment in long-term investment prospects.
  • Great prospects for earning. A participant in the system has the opportunity to earn not only through programming but even through the publication of photographs.

Earnings with Belacoin

In addition to the usual for all ways of making virtual coins, Belacoin developers offer a couple of interesting projects for users that may seem somewhat non-standard but actually bring profit.

Bellachess This is a mobile application that every user can download through Google Play. The essence of this game is as follows: you must go through online chess tournaments. The more successful your successes are, the more reward you will receive in cryptocurrency terms. Thus, you can not only earn a lot of money but also develop well in an intellectual sense.

Belacam. Something like a social network. At the same time, the principle of the application is even simpler than in a regular social network. In order to get online money, you need to actively publish photos. Received likes are converted to cryptocurrency. That is, you do not need to have any qualifications: it is enough to be quite active. View the feed, follow the actions of other users, post your photos and publish posts. In this case, Belacoin acts as an intermediary: it connects the social network, as well as the economic component of the project.

How does belacoin outperform BTC?

This cryptocurrency is not only a reliable repository for your savings but also an excellent system for operational transactions anywhere in the world. At the same time, there are a number of parameters by which Bela surpasses its eminent big brother.

  1. Transaction times are five times shorter than bitcoin.
  2. Reliable protection: imagine that payment is verified 30 times in a very short time. This allows you to exclude the possibility of fraud or hacker attacks.
  3. The most user-friendly interface.
  4. Not just thoughtful, but an advanced system for storing funds and making transactions with them.
  5. Operational support of the address directory.
  6. The fastest and no less thorough verification of information about the blockchain system.
  7. Creating backup information about earned coins.

Belacoin Mining

This virtual currency can also be obtained through mining – the generation process. As in other cryptocurrencies, there are two ways to earn mining income.

  • By means of an ordinary personal computer. Download a specialized program created for the purpose of generating cryptocurrency and after that transfer the part of the power consumed by your video card to the mining process.
  • With the help of special equipment. To generate Belacoin, you need to purchase ASIC, a device that is a kind of farm from integrated circuits. It is much more powerful than a PC and allows you to earn huge income.

In addition, this cryptocurrency can not only be obtained but also purchased on specialized exchanges. For example, Poloniex, Nova Exchange and many others. At the time of writing, the cost of Belacoina is only $ 0.22 per virtual coin.

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