Cryptocurrency trading on the EXMO exchange – how to buy and sell virtual money

Thanks to the global network, exchange trading in the foreign exchange market has become available to almost everyone who has an Internet connection and a couple of tens of dollars. And, it should be noted that now the serious interest of the Internet community in trading is observed because it opens up great opportunities for earning – you just need to learn the basics of this process and develop your own tactics. One of the most popular exchanges offering to trade in a popular direction with cryptocurrencies is EXMO, and I will tell you about the strategy for working with it in this article.

So, if you want to receive 50-70% of profit per month, then this strategy is suitable for you. It does not include something complicated or impossible – everything is elementary. To begin with, of course, we go through a simple registration process and replenish the account – at least you need to have $ 10, but to make the profit more noticeable, you should invest a little more. At the same time, one should not be too generous and replenish your account with large sums from greed – be prepared to lose money, because the whole process is very unpredictable.

After the above steps, go to the bidding page and pay attention to the glass (list of orders to buy and sell). Pay attention to the number of orders and determine the trend — the trend in price movements — it can be either positive or negative. If you have already decided on the pair you want to trade (for example, BTC-USD ), then we carefully study the price range in the glass, which trend prevails, and especially the activity of traders in this direction.

We look at the chart and determine what was the amplitude of price fluctuations per day. If we observe that for the selected pair, the depreciation was more than 20%, and the rise was less than 3%, then trading in this direction is not worth it. Also, you should refuse to buy if you see one or several selling orders for large amounts – it is very likely that this will change the course.

Having bought an asset, we immediately put it up for sale, but with an extra charge of 5%. That is, if you bought bitcoins for $ 100, then you need to sell them at a price of $ 105. That’s the whole strategy, the essence of which is to buy at a lower rate and sell at a higher, based on a study of the chart and glass.

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