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Recently, many promising projects have appeared on the cryptocurrency horizon. And if it all started with BTC – for a long time it was these virtual copecks that sang laudatory odes – now bitcoins have quite authoritative analogs. One of them is Dash, a cryptocurrency that many compatriots call Dasha for their eyes.

How did she appear?

Take a bit from Bitcoin, add a bit of framework, as well as unique and original designs, and you will get Dash, a cool cryptocurrency that is currently in the TOP-5 virtual money.

Its official launch to success occurred at the very beginning of 2014. Then she bore the awesome name “Darkcoin”. It was with him that she gained her popularity. However, not everything worked right away. The cryptocurrency developer, Evan Duffield, wrote the source code all by himself. After a while, he put together a team of like-minded enthusiasts, with whom he improved anonymity programs.

In 2015, the “dark coins” rebranded by changing the name to DASH. Moreover, the entire internal component of the system remained unchanged and untouched. The developers of this cryptocurrency set a very ambitious goal: to achieve the level of popularity of BTC and even exceed it. A kind of “catch up and overtake.”

The system itself has its own official website – There you can find out more additional information about the cryptocurrency itself, find out the nuances of its application, advantages, as well as information about the protection and anonymity technology (Darksend, IstantX, and many others).

After you download the wallet to your computer, you will need to wait a bit: the project will go through synchronization with the system. However, these “investments” of time will pay off very quickly: you can use a much more efficient and decentralized project than Bitcoin. You should not assume that the system is completely anonymous: in cryptography, there is no such concept.

Dash Features

Dash is a combination of several unique features that set it apart from BTC, as well as countless little-known forks. The main distinguishing feature of Dash is its two-tier architecture, and bitcoin with its peer-to-peer data distribution network does not compare with Dash.

In this system under consideration, “supernodes” represent a consensus level superstructure among all participants in the system. This significantly speeds up the work of system processes, although the risks also increase somewhat.

Such advantages can be specifically realized in the creation of lists of financial transactions, numerous registries, currency messages, services, online stores, currency exchanges and much more.

At the same time, the developers made it possible for customers to decide for themselves in which direction a network with a two-level architecture will develop. Dash has an innovative voting system. At the same time, ordinary users cannot vote, but they have every right to put forward their own proposals for the development of Dash. In addition, the authors of the most rational proposals will be well encouraged with a bonus, 10% of which will go to the development of the system.

How to get Dash?

Cryptocurrency mining, in another way, mining, today is carried out through a number of main and graphic processors. At the same time, obtaining these virtual coins is much more convenient and profitable precisely through video cards.

Experts believe that soon the production procedure will be facilitated by the involvement of ASIC, a computer platform that independently performs all the necessary operations.


2017 is the golden time to grow Dash. The price of the cryptocurrency has grown from $ 17 to $ 120. This is a huge leap that brought some exchange players undoubted benefits and left someone completely outsiders.

However, some experts believe that this is a swollen bubble, which will have to shrink. A number of professionals even think that it’s too early to get into all the trouble and invest in cryptocurrency in the long run: you need to wait for the price to drop, and then recoup during the next pump. After some hesitation, the Dash rate at the time of writing was set at $ 145 per virtual penny.

What else do you need to know about Dash?

  • The approximate number of virtual coins is estimated at 22 million. At the same time, about 18 million will be in free circulation. At the same time, each coin is divided into 100,000,000 small particles, which are affectionately called “Duffy”.
  • Control over the Dash network can be obtained. To do this, you need to own 51% of the coins. Imagine how rich the potential investor will be in the future.
  • It is easier and more profitable to purchase this cryptocurrency on special exchanges, of which there are many. Specialists, as a rule, first exchange it for bitcoin and then sell BTC for regular money.
  • Anyone can make transfers on this network. Moreover, the geography of transactions is not limited – Internet coins can be transferred from one corner of the globe to another.

Dash is considered a good alternative to BTC. Is it so – history will tell.

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