dork origin whale

You can find it in the Urban Dictionary meaning a blue whale's penis. So, yes! Often confused with nerd and geek, but does not imply the same level of intelligence. (If you don't believe me ask Jeeves bitch) So when your walking to your next class, and the school slut pushs you out of her way and calls you a dork, make sure you say "Thank you, you have a massive one as well." Dorking (disambiguation) This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Dork. A blue whale produces over 400 gallons of sperm when it ejaculates, but only 10% of that actually makes it into his mate. According to a viral message, the typical blue whale produces more than 400 gallons of sperm when it ejaculates, a factoid offered up to explain why the ocean is salty. In (at least the United States) it's widely claimed to specifically mean a whale's penis. At 2/10/06 09:11 PM, Corey_the_Afro_Jew wrote: Yes it's true, dork is another word for whale penis. It is very unlikely it had anything to do with any body parts of a whale. So 360 gallons are … Their ancestor is most likely an ancient artiodactyl, i.e. That guy got a big dork . Ok, according to a google search of "define:dork", the definition of a penis did show up once. The first whales appeared 50 million years ago, well after the extinction of the dinosaurs, but well before the appearance of the first humans. The largest accurately measured blue whale was a 29.5-metre female that weighed 180 metric tons (nearly 200 short [U.S.] tons), but there are reports … In reality, even the largest whales only ejaculate up to a few gallons of semen at a time, and this ejaculate has nothing to do with the saltiness of the ocean. a person in which is both academically inclined and fans over things, also is silly and clumsy. See more words with the same meaning: penis . ... Dork Origin. (derogatory, slang) A quirky, silly and/or stupid, socially inept person, or one who is out of touch with contemporary trends. dork: [noun] penis. See also. According to, a dork is a whales penis. You will not however find this term in a proper dictionary, any scientific articles or even on wikipedia, but here it is on Urban Legends. Dork disc, also called dust shield or spoke protector, is a disc, usually made of plastic, placed in the rear wheel of bicycles to prevent the chain from dropping or jamming into the spokes. Blue whale, (Balaenoptera musculus), also called sulfur-bottom whale, the most massive animal ever to have lived, a species of baleen whale that weighs approximately 150 tons and may attain a length of more than 30 metres (98 feet). You may have heard that dork means a whale's penis. And according to a wikipedia search for "dork", dork is a "Vulgar slang for 'penis'" The geek meaning seems to be strictly western. Dork definition: If you say that someone is a dork , you think they dress badly in old-fashioned clothes... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Cetaceans thus ha a four-legged, even-toed hoofed (ungulate) land mammal, adapted for running. 3. It is likely a combination of "dick" as a word for penis, and "dirk", a word for dagger, which has also been used as a euphemism for penis. It does appear that dork is slang for penis.

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