Navcoin leader among newcomers

Cryptocurrencies are designed to change the world. Their possibilities are really endless – they allow not only to reliably store information and ensure the safety of funds but also act as a quick intermediary between different participants in the system. It all started with bitcoin. This crypt was a real breakthrough and revolution, paving the way for younger, but no less ambitious projects. Today’s newcomers claim to squeeze out the dominance of BTC, and some have come close to this milestone. One of these projects is Navcoin, which began its work in 2015. This crypto combines several methods of confirming money transfers (shares and capacities). Thanks to this, it is reliably protected from most hacker attacks – account owners can not worry about the safety of their funds.

Why you can trust NavCoin

The first trading of this crypto began in July 2015. Since then, Internet money began to be traded on all major exchanges, which indicates the unconditional recognition of Navcoin by the Internet community. Today, the Navcoin team is optimistic about the future, realizing the great opportunities that open before them.

The creators position themselves as the first completely anonymous cryptocurrency. However, they do not make unfounded statements, trying not to make the mistake of most developers. They claim that the Internet is crowded with a large number of various partially anonymous cryptocurrencies, each of which is vulnerable to information loss.

NAV is different. The software involved in the functioning of this currency completely disconnects and scatters the numerous transactions committed in the system. The program even removes information about the IP address from memory, which allows the user to remain completely anonymous. The security of the system is based on the well-known blockchain from Bitcoin. It uses special facilities to process anonymous transfers.

How to get started with Navcoin?

To do this, you need to register on one of the largest exchanges where cryptocurrencies are traded, for example, Poloniex or Bittrex. After that, you replenish the registered wallet with currency and buy BTC with it. Having exchanged fiat money for bitcoin, you can buy Navcoin for it, and then send it to your personal wallet.

The introduction of Segvit

Not so long ago, crypto developers informed all participants of the system that they are starting the process of activating Segregated Witness, a special solution whose action is aimed at maximizing the blockchain scaling. This news prompted the crypto community to worry about the possible speculative growth of the cryptocurrency rate.

Segvit is a software development that improves the security of cryptocurrency functioning. It can delete files with some electronic signatures used to verify the creation of blocks.

The SegWit bonus (as Segregated Witness is also called) is the plasticity of a transaction. So, in the BTC kernel code, there is a weak spot where a change could be made and is eliminated.

In addition, SegWit protocols improve Navcoin’s actions as follows.

  • They optimize the complex transaction verification process as much as possible. To do this, for some time they contain scripts for which the transfer was made, as well as possible transaction signatures.
  • They create a radically new algorithm for verifying the validity of signatures during transfers and also counteract the overabundance of information during hashing, which slows down the system.
  • The protocols significantly optimize the distribution and distribution of financial transactions, as well as the numerous blocks in the Segregated Witness structure.
  • Protocols quickly create new changes for the quality of the system.

Of course, such news could not but cheer up the participants of the system, who began to invest more in Navcoin. Today, a payment system with a total capitalization of $ 8 million takes 64 places in the TOP-100.

Advantages of NAVcoin

Anonymity. If other cryptocurrencies merely declare the protection of user information, then navcoins are really created for completely anonymous operations. This attracts new participants to the system for large investments.

Decentralization. Navcoin, like most other cryptocurrencies, is not subject to anyone center, which determines the maximum freedom of financial transfers.

Innovation Developers do not stand still and care about the development of their offspring. So, they introduced the SegWit scaling system, which is designed to improve the functioning of the system.

Universality. You can purchase and exchange cryptocurrency at any known site. This simplifies the commission of various operations with her.

Security. Developers believe that the purpose of cryptocurrency is to ensure the safety of participants’ investments. Navcoin is the best suited for this.

Only time will tell how Navcoin will develop. He has considerable hopes, and not for nothing – the system really offers many new solutions.

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