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Cryptocurrencies are used not only for quick settlements, although they were created precisely for this purpose. Today they are a kind of payment tool that allows you to pay for services in individual information systems. Some cryptos – bitcoin, ether – show excellent growth dynamics, and new Internet money is created based on their code. One example of such a currency is RLC – a settlement tool for the iEx.ec platform. The creators claim that this is a project that implies a fully distributed cloud for applications based on blockchain technologies.

Some facts

The official opening of the network took place on April 19, 2016. Crowdsale did not take much time and ended in two and a half hours. The total fees amounted to an impressive amount of more than $ 12 million.

At the same time, RLC currency can be exchanged on the following exchanges:

  • Liqui;
  • HitBTC
  • Gatecoin
  • EtherDelta;
  • Bittrex

How to get started?

Today, there is no special application that allows you to operate with RLC tokens. However, the creators of the system offer to use the resources of MyEtherWallet, Parity, Metamask. They will allow you to monitor the status of the account in real-time.

To get started, you need to register on the resource, then replenish your wallet with ordinary fiat money. After that, at the above exchanges, they can be exchanged for BTC, and then for RLC or immediately for the desired currency.

Unique system components

Cryptocurrency developers claim that a number of important components are included in the work of the system they created. So, they integrated a repository for online registration of created applications and APIs for the quick launch of tasks. The speed of operation of the system is maintained off-network from the Ethereum blockchain, and security is achieved by limiting the infrastructure for off-chain launches.

Specific benefits

A system operating with RLC would not be so popular if it did not have a number of distinctive advantages.

  • DApp providers get the necessary access to powerful computing resources that are out of the chain. Thus, the creation of applications is accelerated as much as possible.
  • The computing power that the system provides can be used to develop software in various fields of knowledge: design, rendering, mathematics, humanities, medicine, biology, and more.
  • Data providers and application developers gain access to the offline network market. At the same time, business relations are established without intermediaries: data providers directly establish contact with the creators of the programs.
  • The system allows you to connect to the network both private miners and large mining farms.
  • Anonymity. Like any blockchain system, RLC provides customers with the ability to securely encrypt and save their data. This will save them from criminal assault.
  • Decentralization. The system is not controlled from one center, which means that it does not depend on the influence of external factors.


Like some other companies, iEx.ec developers plan to cover the market as much as possible. They believe that this can be done by providing customers with specific advantages in a single area. Thus, the creators of distributed applications operating on the basis of blockchain will receive safe, easy and fully scalable access to various computing resources. However, these will not be just one-time appeals, but the construction of a holistic structure of the new network market, where each participant will be able to profitably monetize their numerous servers, databases and various applications.

At the presentation of the project, the creators of iEx.ec presented the White Paper to the Internet community, which describes the creation of the future structure of the Internet. In it, the developers pointed out that the standard blockchain technologies are functioning normally so far, but over time they will encounter a lack of power to perform various operations. The platform offers to solve this problem as follows: base calculations on a fully decentralized Cloud infrastructure, where special applications (called Dapps) will find, supply, use all the necessary resources in automatic mode. In this case, the user only has to set the parameters for the search.

Thus, easier access to large computing power will significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed by processors, as well as reduce the degree of impact on the ecosystem of Data-centers. Participants in the system providing computing power will be rewarded with a certain amount of RLC, depending on the contribution to the operation of the project.


At the time of writing, the RLC exchange rate on the Bittrex exchange is 0,0003 BTC. These are pretty good indicators, given the recent launch of the system as a whole. At the same time, the developers compiled a roadmap, according to which they will gradually introduce new components into the operation of the project. This can significantly increase the cost of RLC in the near future.

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