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Today, only the lazy did not hear about cryptocurrency and its capabilities. Many specialists from the worldwide network are increasingly turning to blockchain technologies for help, using their capabilities and numerous advantages. In a short period of time – literally a decade – a tremendous leap in the development of cryptocurrencies took place. Today they want to implement them not only in ordinary companies but also in transnational corporations and states. With enviable frequency, new types of Internet money appear. An example of a successful virtual coins is Stratis.

What is it?

Stratis is a young company that has set itself a rather ambitious goal – to raise the blockchain to a whole new level. Experts believe that this system should be as accessible as possible for everyone.

The developers have chosen London as their city of headquarters, and this is no coincidence. After all, the British capital is also a major financial center. London not only has a good IT infrastructure but also provides transparent legal regulation. This is ideal for a young and ambitious development team that will gain access not only to the information support and experience of other enterprises but will also enter a large market.

However, a team of talented programmers has to fight for survival. Imagine, just 7 months ago, the value of the currency was only 0.1 dollars, but to date, the rise in price has occurred 61 times.

It is noteworthy that, despite these indicators, today few people know about this system. However, the developers hope that soon everything will change.


Why did investors suddenly pay attention to this cryptocurrency and the software associated with it? Because it has a similar principle of working with BTC. Stratis positions itself (and she has every reason for this) as both powerful and flexible development through the blockchain system. It can be implemented not only in financial organizations but also in enterprises involved in the development and testing of applications based on decentralized projects.

Stratis uses a framework from Microsoft, as well as its own, which significantly speeds up the creation of all kinds of developments based on blockchain. This allows most private companies to deploy their own systems without any additional costs that are inherent in launching their own infrastructure. Everything turns out quickly, simply and with a minimum of security problems.


Previously, Bitcoin was truly one of a kind advanced technology, and almost all the functioning of the system was based on the action of Bitcoin Core. All companies were participants in this industry. Now, there’s no need to talk about universalism: various companies have moved away from the BTC charm and are doing their own thing with might and main, offering ready-made applications to the end-user.

Today, there is great debate about whether it is worth changing the complete node of the Bitcoin core – this can lead to a fundamental change in the functioning of the entire system as a whole. On the other hand, Stratis can be considered as a full and positive improvement of the Bitcoin project as a whole. This will allow growing on the scale not only of a single BTC currency but also to other cryptocurrencies.

First concrete successes

As stated above, Stratis today shows phenomenal success. This is expressed in concrete results: not only the value of this cryptocurrency is growing. The reasons for growth are reinforced by the interest of large companies in solutions from Stratis.

A suite of innovative tools has recently been added to the Microsoft Azure Baas program. This is a special development from the IT giant, which allows enterprises to configure their own decentralized systems through Microsoft services.

This circumstance will serve well for Stratis itself. This shows the prospects of the development itself and its potential availability for enterprises that are sure to increase the speed of placing their own applications on a particular platform. Moreover, the general director of the company “Stratis” considers this as the first step not only on the road to great achievements in the market but also to the main thing – deep integration with Microsoft. He believes that a comprehensive set of tools and various solutions for large corporations is the best solution in comparison with the offers of other companies.

What about cryptocurrency?

As you know, money reacts at lightning speed to changes in market conditions. Positive news brings growth, while negative news brings an instant recession. Investments from Microsoft allow specialists to express optimistic opinions regarding the possible growth of this cryptocurrency. For two months of 2017, it showed a yield of 810%. And professionals believe that this is not the limit.

As regards Stratis, the following conclusion can be made: this cryptocurrency may become a future replacement for BTC. Now it all depends on the interest of major players in the offers of this platform.

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