seldom in a compound sentence

The less fortunate make shift to live outside as best they can, but are all day in the mosque, and are seldom deserted by Moslem charity. Simple The moon was just rising. By the end of the 1st century the Chauci and Chatti seem to have become by far the most powerful tribes in western Germany, though the former are seldom mentioned after this time. Complex Sentences with “seldom” A complex sentence with “seldom” contains at least one independent clause and at least one dependent … 61. Papal legates to Germany seldom failed to visit the university and by their magnificence bore witness to the majesty of the Roman church. He conducted himself handsomely, seldom if ever rude, if not always accommodating. No ancient writer ascribes them to him, and he seldom, if ever, executed works in marble. Complex : I am certain that he has made a mistake. 3. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. on neighbouring ranges, summer temperatures seldom rise above 90°, and frosts may occur at any time. Again, without sentences, there’s no real communication. It is tidal, spring tides rising about 9 ft.; the water is somewhat salter than the Indian Ocean, and seldom exceeds 10 fathoms in depth; with the exception of the Shatt al `Arab, the Jarrahi and the Hindiyan rivers, which mingle their waters with those of the sea at the W. The wearing of whiskers while shaving the chin was a Mogul fashion of the 17th and 18th centuries and is now seldom seen except among Deccani Mahommedans. Conversion of Complex Sentences into Compound Sentences 481. And when he writes in eight parts for a double chorus the two groups are seldom identioal. As artisans they have seldom signalized themselves, save as armourers and clothweavers. In using these machines there is seldom any question of determining the weight to any great nicety, and rapid action is generally of high importance. The Thanet beds resting on chalk form a narrow outcrop rising into cliffs at Pegwell Bay and Reculver, and consist (1) of a constant base bed of clayey greenish sand, seldom more than 5 ft. On that day many attend the synagogues who are seldom or never seen in them at other times. Erin loves her brother, andhe loves her too. During the latter Sassanids it is seldom mentioned, and when the Arabs came to Khorasan (641-642) it was of so little importance that, as Tabari relates, it did not even have a garrison. From Bamian it passes over the central mountain chain to Kabul either by the well-known passes of Irak (marking the water-divide of the Koh-i-Baba) and of Unai (marking the summit of the Sanglakh, a branch of the Hindu Kush), or else, turning eastwards, it crosses into the Ghorband valley by the Shibar, a pass which is considerably lower than the Irak and is very seldom snowbound. The floors, mostly of mud covered with dung, are fouled with spittle, vomit, and urine, and, being seldom or never cleaned out, foster a gradual accumulation of poison, to which infected rats and the concealment of illness contribute. A complex sentence can be more efficient because it can contain several ideas in the same sentence. His hospitality was great, almost to a fault, and he seldom came home without bringing a guest. a. in area and almost uniformly shallow, its depth seldom being greater than 15 ft. As a legislator he spoke seldom, but always with great ability, his most famous speech being that of the 11th of February 1847 opposing the Mexican War. Denisov evidently tried to expose Rostov to danger as seldom as possible, and after an action greeted his safe return with evident joy. We can convert a Complex Sentence into a Compound Sentence by changing the Subordinate Clause into a Co-ordinate Clause. `Arib of Cordova made an abridgment, adding the history of the West and continuing the story to about 975.1 Ibn 1Vlashkawaih wrote a history from the creation to 980, with the purpose of drawing the lessons of the story, following Tabari closely, as far as his book is known, and seldom recurring to other sources before the reign of Moqtadir; what follows is his own composition and shows him to be a writer of talent. timber is seldom found beyond the banks of streams. Compound Sentence Definition. One way to create a compound sentence is with a semi-colon. On the coast snow is seldom seen, but it does fall occasionally. 1. The temperature seldom rises as high as 70° F. But carriage roads in the Ottoman dominions are seldom completely made, and hardly ever kept in repair. When she found her voice, it fairly dripped with sarcasm. So, in a compound sentence there must be at least two finite verbs. The rainfall is abundant during the necessitous months of the year, facilities for the irrigation of the rice crop are ample, and drought and floods are seldom known. Definition of seldom adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. P. Badger, Hakluyt Soc., 1863, note, pp. A comma usually comes before the conjunction in a compound sentence. True friendship is like sound health.The value of it is seldom known until it is lost. 10 examples of sentences “seldom”. How to use “seldom” in a sentence. Great men’s sons seldom do well. There is a restaurant with a full bar, but the restaurant is seldom crowded as it does the bulk of its business through carryout or delivery. Kant is seldom the sole source of inspiration. Some bitters, although possessing tonic properties, may be regarded as beverages pure and simple, notwithstanding the fact that they are seldom consumed in an undiluted state; others again, are obviously medicinal preparations and should be treated as such. They can not free themselves, nor can they be freed. A complex sentence with “seldom” contains at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. The streets are unpaved and in many places so narrow that two horsemen can scarcely pass each other; as it is seldom that the houses have windows facing the thoroughfares, and the doors are small and mean, they present on both sides the gloomy appearance of dead walls. 30. He was constituted one of the British plenipotentiaries at the Conference; but his duties at Westminster seldom allowed him to go to Paris, though he ultimately affixed his signature to the Treaty of Versailles. In South and Central Africa, at any rate, " fly-belts " are usually met with in damp, hot, low-lying spots on the margins of water-courses, rivers and lakes, and seldom far from water of some kind. Essex seems seldom to have held an inde pendent position, for when London first appears as connected with the East Saxons the real power was in the hands of the king of Kent. The domestic birds have comparatively seldom become feral, doubtless, as C. Darwin points out, from the reduction of their powers of flight in many cases. That was Howie to a tee; totally dispassionate and prosaic, ready to join the gang and do someone else's bidding but seldom a decision maker. It fairly overcame my Nervii. The fruit of his long years of illness was a slender volume of lyrics, Gedichte (Stuttgart and Tubingen, 1851), good in form, but seldom inspired, and showing occasionally the influence of a morbid sensuality. A good horse should be seldom slashed. Flower Garden, &c. - Sow in the beginning of this month all halfhardy annuals required for early flowering; also mignonette in pots, thinning the plants at an early stage; the different species of primula; and the seeds of such plants as, if sown in spring, seldom come up the same season, but if sown in September and October, vegetate readily the succeeding spring. And while his invention, Portland cement, is seldom celebrated in the same breath as steam power or the.. . What Is a Compound Sentence? Martha Washington understood my signs, and I seldom had any difficulty in making her do just as I wished. 24. The Azhar students not seldom enter government offices and even hold important administrative posts, but they never lose the stamp of their education - the narrow, unteachable spirit, incapable of progress, always lost in external details, and never able to grasp principles and get behind forms to the substance of a matter. the establishment and maintenance of, and the contribution to, reformatory and industrial schools; (viii.) It has often been taken and sacked by the Turks, but has seldom been occupied by them for long.

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